A Complete Guide to Lighting For Your Indoor Plants + Quiz

The single most important factor for plant health (regardless of the type of plant) is lighting conditions. So many houseplants are victim to poor lighting conditions and honestly I think most of it is because people don’t understand the terminology and what that means in relation to their house. What Continue Reading

Stair Rail Removal

Getting back to my ongoing staircase remodel… I already replaced the lower flight of the split-level stair treads, but I couldn’t replace the upper flight before first removing the handrail. So, this next phase of the project called for some orderly demolition. Here’s the old stair rail, which appears nicer Continue Reading

6 Riveting Books (Written by Women) to Warm You Up This Winter

Giant white snowflakes are twirling around outside my apartment window here in Oslo. By the looks of the sleek, silver-gray sky, I don’t foresee the sun even trying to pop its head out today. And I don’t blame it. If I didn’t have class this morning, I’d stay curled up Continue Reading