How to Create a Life Outside the Lines

I don’t know about you but, for me, the line between feeling inspired and inadequate is thin and vaporous, and I cross it repeatedly on every journey through my Instagram feed. The parts of me that struggle with comparison, perfectionism, and criticism can get obnoxiously loud and rude after swiping Continue Reading

How to Make Room For Creative Living

Two things I know to be true: Each of us is born creative and creativity has nothing to do with being artistic. Almost all of us know that feeling before we embark on something big or small where it will be clear whether we “succeed” or fail. Think about the Continue Reading

Wit & Delight Prints: Framed, Delivered and Ready to Hang

Baby steps. Small goals. Itty-bitty resolutions. This is what I have room for in my life right now. If you were to stop me on the street and ask me what my New Year’s Resolution was (do people actually do this?) I’d say, this is the year of all things Continue Reading

Why We Should All Escape Our Filter Bubbles

Like billions of other people around the globe, I’ve been in an intimate relationship with the Internet for years. It all started about two decades ago when I first dialed the Web up to establish a connection (remember this sound?), and now thanks to my iPhone, we’ve never been closer. Continue Reading